Harley Quinn

I try very hard to be professional, you know? I keep my studio (relatively) clean. I work hard to meet my deadlines and, despite the occasional hiccup, my staff tries their best to be courteous. But once in a while, I slip. Hey, I’m only human.

So a Dr. Quinzel booked a portrait session with us. She had a couple things in mind, and they ranged from professional (did I mention she’s a doctor?) to fun (costumes which, obviously, I’m no stranger to).

As the session went on, we were talking and, I don’t know. It seemed like we were really hitting it off. Like, oh wow, I’m really having a great time kind of thing. She never mentioned being in a relationship and there wasn’t a ring, so when she went into the back to change, I thought I’d see if she’d be up for dinner sometime.

“Sorry, honey. I’m trouble.”

Model: Batman the Animated Series: Harley Quinn Maquette by DC Direct.
On loan from the Brian Browne collection.

Be good,

(crowd goes wild)

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