Let’s go exploring!

I’m always leery whenever I get a phone call from someone asking me to tag along and document their trips. My natural habitat is the studio, where I’m largely a solitary photographer. The problem is, I have an assistant that doesn’t know when to keep his big mouth shut. His favorite thing is to book me for gigs where I have to be gone weeks at a time, while he has the place all to himself and does… whatever he does. I try not to think about it.

But! A job is a job and the bank doesn’t accept “my assistant is a jerk” in lieu of payment, so when the plane tickets showed up on my desk, I just had to roll with it.

It was yet another tropical island in the Caribbean for a wealthy older gentleman who fancied himself as something of an explorer, specialising in tracking down big game. When I had arrived and the introductions were finished, I asked what we would be primarily looking for on the expedition. “Dinosaurs, my boy!”

How does this keep happening to me?

Lego Explorer by LEGO
Whipslash the Stegosaurus by Xtractaurs

Be good,

Look, laugh, but don’t touch

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