Saint Walker

Ok, Reflector. What have we got first today?
“First up is another lantern guy. A… blue lantern. I don’t remember what emotion blue was supposed to be, but it sounds bad.”
Oh great, a member of the Sadness Lantern Corps. Exactly what I wanted to deal with today. After the last few lanterns, my therapist recommended I stay away from them, but money is money and running a photo studio isn’t cheap.

You guys would have been proud of me. I was in the back doing my breathing and visualization exercises, focusing on calm ocean waves (and not the imminent destruction of my studio), when Reflector led Saint Walker back. I’ll be honest, he didn’t look all that scary. Nor was he as sad as I was expecting. But he wasn’t going to fool me. We got in a few shots before the anxiety got the best of me. Look, I told him, if you’re going to blow up the building, can we go ahead and get it over with? I have other appointments today and I would like the opportunity to start cleaning up before my 11 o’clock gets here.

He looked at me with those black eyes, took a step towards me and said, “All will be well.”

Model: Heroes of the DC Universe Blackest Night Saint Walker Bust DC Direct

Be good,

(you wanted me you got me right here right now)

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