Freelance Electrician

Hey there, welcome to the new studio! As I’ve mentioned before, we had some problems keeping the old place together so I had been on the lookout for a more structurally sound workspace. We needed something that could withstand bullets, radiation, magic, and whatever else happens to come through our doors (and also stay within our budget).

I let my assistant handle the arrangements while I set to work repairing/replacing my damaged equipment. Mostly replacing. The workmen got everything else packed up and moved in record time, no problems.But, because every move has to have one thing you overlooked, we discovered that our part of the building didn’t have electricity. No problem, I thought. We’ll just call an electrician and have him check everything out. Again, I trusted Reflector, my most capable assistant, to finding an electrician and went to lunch. That’s one of the perks of being the boss.

After my sandwich was done, I came back to see a guy in bright green and yellow tights digging through our wiring and every so often there would be a huge shower of sparks where he was working. “Hey man, are you ok?”

He pulled himself away from the wiring and I got a good look at his mask (?), “Oh yeah. Just part of the job, you know?”

Look, I fully admit that I should be more considerate and not jump to conclusions based on people’s appearance. Electricians have to deal with the very real threat of electrocution. I understand that a lot of companies make their employees wear uniforms. Just because a guy has a kind of lazy eye doesn’t mean he’s crazy. But when you add those three things together, you’ll understand why I was nervous. “Would you mind if I took your picture? Maybe you can use it for advertising or something.” And the police will be able to identify you.


Model: Electro Bust by Art Asylum

After he finished working and left, we were still talking about him. “Hey Reflector, where did you find that guy anyway?”


Be good,

Rearranging. I will be strong

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