That’s a wrap on Space Cop month!

As if a monthly challenge weren’t enough, I started a new full-time job this month, aaand decided to try and paint these dudes with mostly inks. It’s self care.

To start, I airbrushed Dutch Blue as a basecoat, then sprayed Galactic Blue from the top down to create a gradient. I’d been wanting to use Galactic Blue for a super long time and these models were gonna be it. An interesting thing about Dutch Blue is that it’s slightly warmer than Galactic Blue, but cooler than Velvet Violet, making it a really useful shade color for both inks. Definitely going to be experimenting with it more.

NOTE: I added a drop of Pledge Floor Gloss (aka Pledge with Future Shine aka Future aka Klear) to the inks to break the surface tension and help it grip onto the model better. This stuff is highly recommended. Search for Future Floor Polish on Amazon and whichever one has reviews talking about modelmaking is the one you’re looking for. It’s crystal clear, super low viscosity, and durable as hell.

To keep things simple and not take away from that great metallic blue, I stuck with simple black and white for everything else.

Pick out the last few details, slather the whole thing in Starship Wash, then base it with Grimdark City Rubble from Geek Gaming Scenics and call them good.

Be good,

one day it’ll get you

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