Umber Hulk #3 Finished!

“How odd! Umber Hulks almost never come this far north. Poor thing must be starving.”
Pushed through and finished this little dude in just a few short sittings. There are things I think I’d change next time, but I love the contrast between the matte skin and glossy shell. That’s something I definitely want to try again in the future.

This shot was originally going to be another dungeon shot like the two previous Hulks, but there is so much detail on this one that I had a hard time deciding where to focus. Too narrow and it looked like a spiky blob, but too wide and it looked too flat. By the end, I was getting hungry and that made me frustrating, so I tossed him out into the snow. Enjoy the outtakes!

Be good,

zip it all the way up ’til I’m only eyes

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