Vargard Obyron (Lightbox)

“You have trespassed on planetary bodies claimed by the Empire of the Severed.”

I haven’t had many opportunities to work with Finecast models, but I’ve heard enough horror stories to be wary of painting Obyron here. It wasn’t too bad, all things considered (I’ve seen a Krell, Lord of Undeath kit in the blister with a huge chunk of mold material still stuck to the model), but the mold did shift so there is a very noticeable seam and the mold around the head was seriously worn, where the gap between the left side of Obyron’s face and collar is completely filled in with resin. Since the plan was to paint it all rusty and corroded, a rough casting wasn’t really a detriment.

Until it fell over and snapped just above the knees. Holy moley, gang. The anxiety of seeing your model in pieces.

Be good,

watching every move you make

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