Deadzone WIP

Good morning and happy Miniature Monday! I spent my weekend painting and casting HirstArts plaster blocks and shapes to make photo sets and now my apartment, my clothes, my breakfast, and everything I own is covered in a fine layer of plaster dust. On the positive side, the set pieces are coming together for the Deadzone Photobook and the whole thing is starting to take shape. Progress at last! Now I just need another 10 pounds of plaster and I’ll be set.

So today’s photo is a work in progress to show off how the sets will look and what changes I’ll need to make to get the kind of shots I want. The idea here is that the story/game takes place on a mining space station, so there will be lots of tight corridors with pipes and industrial shapes everywhere. I’m liking it so far, but I think the walls would work better if I dropped the height down to 3 inches tall instead of the 4 inches they are now. You can barely see the upper set of piping and that just won’t do. Also, I should probably paint it…
Severance WIP

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