Deadzone Photobook Update #1

Happy Miniature Monday! Look, I’ll get right to it, I didn’t meet my goal for the weekend. The plan was to get the Plague, the Enforcers, and the Plague Zombies painted so that this coming weekend I could start building sets. What happened? Well, basically, what had happened was… cleaning the mold lines (the small seam left where the two halves of the mold meet) took forever. I’m talking a solid six hours scraping and filing for ten dudes, only to discover that filing left behind a chalky, smeared texture to the models, causing me to panic and go back in with an exacto blade and try to carve the lines smooth again. Thankfully the mantic forums had a fantastic post about how to prep the resin plastic models in a way that caused a lot less strain on my heart. Also, I may have ordered a bunch of bases with the crazy idea that I would just custom make my own that matched the Battlezones floor tiles, which is adding in several more days wait before I can start painting. Project management is my speciality.

So what did I actually accomplish aside from looking at the calendar, looking at the pile of plastic on my desk, and generally stressing myself out? (I will have a lot more grey hair the next time you see me. Just FYI) Well, I got more of the story outlined, cast up a bunch of Hirst Arts pieces, and took this photo to reassure myself.
Deadzone TEST

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