I’ve been hearing good things about Interstellar, which is weird for me. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I’m not a huge movie guy. Going to the theater has really lost its appeal and if I’m at home, I’m usually busy working on something (No, not mindlessly watching clips on YouTube. Who told you that? They are a filthy liar.) to sit down and watch a film. And when I do actually watch one, I usually pick it apart and fixate on its perceived flaws.

I am a joy to be around and my friends cherish me.

But then there’s Interstellar and people going out of their way to tell me that I would like it. Maybe it’s the math, or the science bits, or the cinematography, but I keep hearing its very good. What do you think, should I go see it? Does it need to be seen in the theater?

Be good,

feels cold but I’m packing fire

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