The Centesis – Song of Blades and Heroes

They’re all done! The last time we saw these guys (mostly), they were pre-painted in greys, greens, and blacks. Not bad, but they were a little… flat. They needed some love. And some new bases. And a leader. So we got to work, assembling and repainting, glueing them to some fantastic new bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures, and a leader from the Cephalyx faction in Warmachine.

The Centesis are my 300 point army for Song of Blades and Heroes. So far we’re having an absolute blast with the game! You can use whatever models you want from any fantasy range, mixed and matched to your heart’s content. The only rule is that everything needs to be based consistently and reasonably. You can create nearly any unit you want, from epic heroes to crazy monsters with anything inbetween. There is a campaign system. There are currently 3 expansions available that offer even more options to expand your games and tell epic stories, with more on the way. Did I mention the PDF of the rulebook is only $8?


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