Sweets So Geek

“Hey Dave! A box is here for you!”
Sweets So Geek1
Oh cool, it’s probably from Sweets So Geek. I need to finish editing these photos, so don’t open it, Reflector. We need them for today’s shoot.

Sweets So Geek2

Did you seriously already go in the box? Be careful in there; I don’t want you touching anyth-
“AW MAN, they have Ninja Turtles! Look, I’m Raphael!”
Sweets So Geek3
Trust me, you wouldn’t be Raphael no matter how many of those internet quizzes you take.

What else is in there? What’s that the Twins grabbed?
Sweets So Geek4
“Stormtrooper helmet. Check. It. Out.”

“What are these? They’re like somebody’s head or someth-” THOSE ARE MINE.
Sweets So Geek5

Ok guys, let’s get all this back into the studio and get to work. The sooner we finish, the sooner we can eat! Ok, Twins, grab that giant zombie brain and… what happened to the zombie brain? “Reflector bumped into it. With his face.”
Sweets So Geek6

According to the invoice, we also had a Han Solo in Carbonite bar, but it was covered in tiny nibbles and wasn’t fit for display… and out of my three assistants only one actually has a mouth… Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to order another! For now though, CANDY!
Sweets So Geek7

A huge thank you goes out to our friends at Sweets So Geek. Not only are they outstanding confectioners who hand make all of their delicious sweets, I’m fortunate enough to call them my friends. Everything they make is absolutely delicious and gets a huge thumbs up from me. Oh, and not only do they have Star Wars, Dr Who, Superheroes, and Zombies candies, but most of their sweets have other sweets (like caramel or chocolate) inside them! Please go and visit their website, their Etsy store, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. You’ll be very glad you did.

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