You know they say to be careful when meeting your heroes? Something about them never living up to expectations?


I participated in an urban photowalk a few weeks ago and decided to go up on the rooftops for a different angle on the city (like you do). The view was incredible. The people were like little tiny ants and I sat my bag down to switch lenses. Something short and wide-angled to make the huge city look small. Abstract, maybe. No sooner do I bend down for my camera bag when I hear someone shout, “Hey, look out!” before they crash into me, knocking us both over and spilling my gear all over the roof.

“Ah, geeze, sorry pal. I’d love to stay and help you clean up, but I gotta run. I’m late for work and there’s a maniac on a hoverboard throwing pumpkins at me. Long story.”
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Spider-Man? Like, your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man? Come on, I’ve gotta get a picture. Nobody is gonna believe this!
“I feel your pain, I really do, I’m something of a photographer myself. But I really have to go. Crazy guy. Hoverboard. Pumpkins. You understand.”
Come on, just one quick one. From the hip, so to speak.
“Whoop! Gotta go!”

I snapped off a quick shot just before he shoved his way passed me, again knocking me down.

Like any enterprising photographer, I tried to capitalize on my snapshot and called up a local newspaper editor. I hope he’s interested!

J.J. Jameson

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