Lucha vs Mummy

A few weeks ago, I was brought on to do some set photography for a video production. Not just any film though… Lucha contra Momia! I love the old luchador films. Any time El Santo can shoot dudes with a flame thrower or Blue Demon can punch a werewolf, you can count me in!

Here we see them setting up the lead in to the final confrontation. The Luchador (Hombre del Ladrillo), after narrowly escaping the Mummy (La Momia), has doubled back through the crypt as the shambling monster searches for the brave warrior. While la Momia is confused, the luchador launches his attack!

“┬íPlancha de rectitud! Lucharaaaaaaaaaaaaan!”

Super Wrestler by LEGO Minifigures
Mummy by LEGO Minifigures

Be good,

Open my eyes ’cause I need to see again

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