Remember when we spoke about Hirst Arts molds and I said I wanted to build a small set piece? Well, it’s finished!

Now I know, I know. It doesn’t look like much now. It looks like some plaster pieces glued together, covered with paint and weathering powder. That’s all going to change once we get our subjects on-set and do a little dramatic lighting.

Subject A: Lego Minifigures Spaceman (Series 1)
Subject B: Lego Minifigures Robot (Series 1)

Using a desk lamp, I lit the whole thing from behind so that the light would be spilling out over the Robot and we would get that great reflection off Spaceman’s helmet. Make sure the poses are interesting; the Spaceman’s gun is slightly elevated and the Robot is “walking”. Fiddle with the lights one more time. Argue with assistant over exposure time. Hold your breath…


Be good,

I hope it catched you up

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