How to be a toy photographer (Harley Quinn)

Occasionally I’ll see articles online about “10 Steps to Taking AMAZING Photos” or “How to be a PRO”. Believe it or not, there are even a few articles about toy photography, and this week I thought I’d offer up my hottest tips for taking killer toy photos. I’ve been going through my logs, checking hits and retention, tracking across multiple social media platforms, and I’ve distilled it down to its most pure essence. With my system, you are guaranteed* to go pro and never look back. Fame? Fortune? Yours.

Are you ready?

Take pictures of Harley Quinn. BOOM.
No, seriously. She is, by far, the most popular character I’ve photographed. More people search for her, her pages are shared the most often, and people spend more time on my site when she’s the subject. Don’t believe me?
Harley Quinn-Watermarked

Be good,

*definitely not a guarantee

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