Scorpion Assassin

While I’m not normally the nervous type, there have been incidents where a bit of extra security would have been nice. Or any security at all. At any rate, the weather is beautiful here in Chicago and that means all the crazies are coming out and I want to be ready. No more having to constantly rebuild my poor studio because some nut decided that mid-photoshoot would be the ideal time to blasting away with superpowers or freeze rays or whatever.

With that in mind, I sent my trusty assistants off to find a security company that was highly rated/recommended and could send someone out right away to check out the place. They came back with a parchment scroll, a single gold coin, and a promise that everything was taken care of. Despite my protests, they said that there was no way anybody was going to get into the studio and that I was just overreacting.

Upon arriving at the studio this morning, I got out my keys to unlock the door and there was a bright flash, a lot of white smoke, and this horrible booming voice demanding that I “go no further lest your life be forfeit. By sacred vow, and in honor of ancient traditions, this establishment is under the protection of the Scorpion Clan.”

Scorpion Assassin

I’ll be working from home today.

Be good,

You might enjoy what you’re gonna find

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