Double Macro

Earlier this week my new toy arrived: a 50mm f1.4 lens or, as its friends call it, a fiddy. It is a macro lens, meaning it likes to take close up pictures of things and I thought, hey, I like to take close up pictures of things, so I ordered it. It is super fast with a silky smooth depth of field and it super fun to play with.

There is only one slight problem with the fiddy; it doesn’t want to get close to things. I can only get up to 12″ away before it can’t focus. Anything and everything further than that is great. Anything closer and I’m a bit SOL.

Enter my close up filters. These just screw right onto the end of my lens and let it focus on things VERY close. Ok, maybe that’s not right. It forces the lens to get close. Within an inch or so. And silky smooth depth of field I mentioned? It’s just. I mean. You know, why don’t you see for yourself. Here is the first shot I took when I was just goofing around with it:

Model: Undead Rising by Reaper Miniatures.

After freaking out over that, I grabbed my new Sandman figure, because who else would look better in that dream-like soft focus? (Yes, I will be shooting him again as soon as possible.)


Finally, I picked up an older figure I have, one I picked up at Quake Collectibles here in Chicago. I have no idea who or what the figure is supposed to be, but it’s an amber colored translucent figure. This, I thought, this is where I will find the real magic.

Model: Ghost King (?) by Silver Hawk Productions (?)

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