It was a few weeks ago that I ordered a Ring Flash Adapter from Photojojo. Great, I thought. This will be perfect for portraits! Can’t wait for it to arrive and play around with it.

Here’s the thing. When I opened the package, sitting on top was a little plastic Protoceratops with a note saying, “We like you. Thanks for ordering!”

It feels like we’ve been friends for years and they knew what I really wanted, but went ahead and let me order the ring flash (that I still haven’t touched) anyway.

Oh sure, I took the ring flash adapter out of its box and fired a couple flashes through it. Oooh wow, super cool, super fun. Then I gave up pretending and ran outside with my new dinosaur.

(Click to see larger)

Be good,

I can’t believe
This is happening to me

2 thoughts on “Protoceratops

  1. I’ve spent the last hour or so browsing through your site, and whilst all of your shots are exceptionally good, this is my favourite. The colours, depth of field and composition really work for me… Although, it’s also fair to say I am in a massive dinosaur mood right now. Thanks for sharing your great work!

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