Universal Consumer Products’ Xenoweapons Division

Here we go, New Year, New Army! This is the start of the Xenoweapons Division of everyone’s favorite home goods company for the game Xenos Rampant from Osprey Games. The basic idea is that a cyberpunk-style megacorp thinks they have found the way to modernize warfare. Instead of training, equipping, and shipping soldiers halfway across the galaxy, why not utilize the apex species of the different solar systems? Enter the Control & Compliance Module (CCM). This device, once fitted over a creature’s head (or head equivalent), uses electrical impulses to bring them under the control of an operator who monitors and directs their behaviors in real time through their own Director Module. Fill a cargo unit with CCMs, use the included drones to recruit the top of the food chain, and overnight you have an army of the most dangerous lifeforms in the system.

So the idea was spurred by the Space Bugs/Insectoids from Puppetswar. Each sculpt comes with a sort of metal helmet that really sparked my imagination. What would the purpose of that be? Who put it there? Who could put it there? Obviously the answer is capitalism. So in this photo, I’ve printed the Big Sneaky Bug from Puppetswar in clear resin and set it up with what I am calling a Field Rep, Agent 1-Pon3 from Papsikels. Both were printed on my Elegoo Mars. I’m excited to build out more of the army!

“When you think frontline warfare, think Universal Consumer Products.”

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