Instagram Prints, Wave 1

Hey guys, I want to try something different today. In the past, selling prints is something I haven’t been very successful with, mostly due to the DMCA and the whole “I don’t have a license to sell works based on copyrighted characters” thing. The constant takedown notices and having to argue over the legality of my work totally drained my desire to sell prints and I washed my hands of it. “Mostly,” he said, pointing to his oft-neglected Redbubble store.

So what’s changed? Without going into too much detail, the legality of selling art based on copyrighted works has started to blur. While there haven’t been any hard, set in stone law changes, there is more wiggle room for artists now, especially if the works are sold as fine art instead of “advertisement or trade” images. Limited editions, either in quantity or length of availability have been popping up more and more, and I feel like now would be a good time to take another crack at it.

Enter: My Etsy shop.
Instagram Prints, Wave 1
Those shots I post to Instagram? I’ve collected what I feel are the 9 best and made them available as limited edition photos. Only 10 of each image will ever be printed and they are signed and numbered by me. If you’ve ever wondered, “Hey, I really like Dave’s work, how can I support him?” then this is a perfect opportunity.

If this set does well, I’ve got another set of images ready to go. The plan (right now anyway) is to do one set of photos every month until I run out of figures and have to go buy more. So guys, I hope you like the prints. They’re sitting here on my desk and they look fantastic, but I think they’d look even better on your desk.

How was that? Pretty smooth, yeah? Yeah. (my Etsy store)

Be good,

your mother would be proud

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