Song of Blades and Heroes (WIP)

These guys are the core of the force I am building for a tabletop miniatures game called Song of Blades and Heroes. The major appeal of the game is that it lets me use any models I already have to make whatever army I can imagine! We gave the rules a short test drive and had an absolute blast. The sure sign of a good game is if the players want to immediately grab different models and try it again, and one trip to the hobby store later…
Song of Blades and Heroes WIP

So the next time you see these guys, they are going to look very different. I will be repainting them (they came prepainted) and putting them on different bases. There are more models from this line (Alchemists of Dirz from Confrontation) that I will be picking up in time, along with some Cephalyx from Privateer Press, and there are a few Malifaux models that I have my eye on.

Wait, wasn’t I saying the whole point was to play with the models I already have? I’m so bad at this…

Be good,

just a bit more interesting, I guess

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