So here’s the thing. I love the whole Dr. Frankenstein “man playing God” trope. Quite possibly more than any other storytelling device! The idea of man using science and technology to push beyond the borders of life and death/right and wrong “Just cuz” has had a vice grip on my imagination since… always.

Enter the Adeptus Mechanicus from Warhammer 40,000. In a bit of an inversion of the trope, science and technology have been so degraded over thousands of years that what would be a common consumer device for us would be a priceless religious artifact for them. They convert entire planets into unimaginably massive factories, functioning as both religious shrines to their God of Technology and producing… everything mankind has. Picture Dr. Frankenstein and Igor mashed up with a dark age monk, burning incense and offering prayers to their devices, not really sure what they’re doing, but determined to keep going. Keep forcing back the darkness. What would they build?

They would make the Thanatar.

After further review and consideration, the Thanatar is looking a little lonely all by himself. I may have to order a cohort of Thallax to keep him company…

Be good,

wait. this is your time.

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