X-Wing vs TIE Fighter

Way back in the dinosaur days, when a big name PC game only needed 16MB of RAM, I used to play a LOT of X-Wing vs TIE Fighter. It just seemed like such a natural extension of both video games and the Star Wars franchise; it was an experience designed for the sole purpose of you and up to seven friends climbing into the cockpit and having massive space dogfights. It engaged you in a way that felt both natural and fun. You wanted to push your TIE Interceptor into a steep dive, blowing up that cocky jerk in his “Oh look at me, I’m flying an X-Wing, I’m such a cool guy”. …or was that just me? Anyway. The game invited you to enjoy yourself without being pushy. A quick tutorial and then it got out of the way and let you do your thing.

While I was thinking about my experiences with the game, I tried to consider my photography and how I can engage you guys in a similar way (aside from taking pictures of X-Wings non-stop), where I can create images that resonate beyond “Heh” and closing the tab or going straight back to Facebook/Twitter. The end goal for me is to do this professionally, and I still feel like there is so much for me to learn before that is a possibility. So what can I do? How do I get better? The plan as it stands right now is 3 fold:
1.) Post new pictures regularly on Flickr. It has to be something I feel is a strong image, and that means carrying my camera and shooting every day.
2.) Add new photos to my Shop on Redbubble. Obviously, I won’t sell images that I’m not proud of.
3.) Create another ebook to be due next year. More big projects, in general. Really push my limits and see how far I can reach.

Trust your feelings, Luke.
X-Wing vs TIE Fighter

Be good,

this is your time, this is your place

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