Happy HoliDOOM

(we join our hero live on the set of a commercial shoot in Latveria for an upcoming holiday toy)

Doom, come on. Stop waving that thing around like that. You’re gonna break it!
“The right to break this cheap trash belongs to Doom and Doom alone!”
You don’t want to break it during the commercial! Don’t advertise how poorly made your toys are.
“How dare you question the quality of Latverian craftsmanship! Doom has personally overseen the, the production of these replicas.”
Just humor me. Take it from the top.
“Parents! Your writhing, snivelling offspring will LOVE-”
CUT! Doom, stop swinging your cup around like th-
“Doom’s goblet travels where it will!”
Doom. Listen to me. You are drunk.
“You may be correct in that I am temporarily inebriated, but you. Will always be ugly.”

Model: Dr. Doom by Marvel Select

Be good,

And exploding seems like a definite possibility

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