Borderlands Psycho

I was interested in Borderlands, but avoided it since first-person games make me violently motion sick. Since I didn’t get to play it (and could only watch gameplay videos for a few minutes), I asked my friend Chanh what he thought of the game.

Me: “Also, did you ever play Borderlands?”
Him: “Diablo with guns?! YES”
Me: “So you liked it then?”
Him: “It was okay I guess. As I lost hundreds upon hundreds of hours on it. >_>”

I kind of want the Psycho’s mask…

Model: Psycho Bandit by NECA.

Be good,

You just dance, dance, dance
Tick, tick, explode

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    1. Hey Leo, thank you very much! I just added you on G+, but I’m having trouble logging in to oberst and will try again later. Look for David Mathis on both.

      Thanks again!

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