Joker Redux

“Gooooooood MORning! Oh dear, I seem to have startled you. Let me, oh yes, let me get that for you. Don’t feel bad about it. I insist.”
He handed me my sandwich and patted the top of my head.
1.) Why is a clown in my studio?
2.) Since when am I afraid of clowns?

He watched me struggle to place where I had seen him before, but I just couldn’t. Whenever I felt I was getting close it would slip away again. “You don’t remember me, do you? That’s probably for the best. ANYways, how’s about you and me step into the studio and make some magic? Show ’em some real razzle dazzle! Come on, kid. I’m going to make you a star.”

So I set up all the lights and was testing my camera while he unpacked… whatever was in his bag.
“Are you all set up, Mr. Big Shot Photographer? Ready to get this show on the road? Gooood! Ok, kid. Lemme see you SMILE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Model: DC Dynamics: The Joker Statue by DC Direct.
On loan from the Brian Browne collection.

Be good,

The minute or the moment,
How you think is your opponent.

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