Dread Dormammu

Ugh. Divas.

It started with a phone call that I knew I shouldn’t have answered. Just a gut feeling, you know?
“Hello! I am calling on behalf of Lord Dormammu, The Dread One, Eater of Souls, Lord of Chaos, Lord of Darkness, the Great Enigma. Joy of joys, he has selected your establishment for his photographic desires! Prostrate yourself in anticipation of his imminent arrival!”

Yeah, this was going to be fun. /sarcasm

And then there was fire. But not like normal fire? It was sort of black and purple and then reds and oranges. When they died down, a huge guy (?) in purple armor was standing in front of me. His head was on fire. “Hey, how you doin’. I’m Dread Lord Dormammu and I have an appointment for some portraits?” His voice sounded really, really familiar and it took me a second or two to place it. He sounded like a certain someone doing an impression (skip ahead to 19:09 in the video) of a certain comic book publisher. I don’t know if he was doing it on purpose, but every time he opened his mouth, I nearly started laughing.

Despite the voice, the rest of the shoot was difficult.

“Don’t forget to light my head right. Does my head cage look straight?”
“Listen little man, I am the Dread Dormammu. Maybe you’ve heard of me? I’m the star of two hit video games that you may be familiar with. Marvel vs Capcom 3 and the sequel Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.” I don’t think Ultimate is a seq- “Look pal, I think I know more about my projects. Do we have a problem here? Anyway, I want these to be the best pictures. Can we move that light?”

I can see why they changed his voice for the game.

Model: Dormammu Mini-Bust by Bowen Designs.
On loan from the Brian Browne collection.

Be good,

Free range humans all cooped up

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