Legostein’s Monster

Being a jet-setting photographer has its perks. A few weeks ago I was flown out to Denmark for a shoot in one of their famous castles (whose name has been left out at the client’s request). Beautiful scenery and beautiful people! My client, a respected doctor of medicine, was gracious enough to allow me free access to his home, provided I stayed out of the basement. No problem, right? I mean, he’s the boss. He doesn’t want me going into the basement, I don’t go in there.

Unfortunately there were no rules laid out for what I should do when what was IN the basement came to see me. I had time to snap off one quick shot before the good doctor rushed the Monster back down the stairs. “Vertel niemand van dit!”

I don’t speak dutch, but I’m guessing he won’t mind me sharing this.

Model: The Monster by Lego

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