The Gorgon

Ferrus Manus, Primarch of the Iron Hands, has been on my To-Do list for quite a while. He was a gift from a friend, and, honestly, working on The Gorgon has been super intimidating. Not only is it a fantastic model kit, but I’m a fan of the character, and I wanted it to be perfect. Perfect.
So I beat myself up over the painting. And it turned out pretty good. I’m happy with it.

Then I started taking pictures. And I wanted them to be perfect. Perfect. You’d think this is where it would get easier, but no. 30-40 shots later and I still wasn’t happy. Ferrus Manus was originally sculpted as part of a diorama with his brother Fulgrim, so he is looking slightly up and posed, ready to duel. It finally clicked that he needed something big to fight. A quick search through my collection later and I had just the thing.
Ferrus Manus

Maybe not be perfect, but I dig it.

Be good,

here is gonna be a sword for you

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