Luna Pawn

This week I wanted to talk a bit about productivity and how much, really, that I struggle with it. Not so much the photography, that’s the easy part. What I’m talking about is sitting down and making the time for it. Pushing all the distractions to the side (I’m looking at YOU, YouTube and Steam) and actually getting work done. I am notorious for sitting down in front of the computer and, before I know it, an hour (or two or three) is gone. What was I doing? Where did the time go?! Those are the times when it’s late Monday night, I don’t have a photo/post ready to go live on Tuesday morning and I panic.

Fortunately for me, this week finds me with a few days to sit back and think twice about the photo and what kind of post I want to make. My first attempt at photographing the Luna Pawn had him in a wide landscape scene with lots of rocks and sand in soft contrast black & white, aiming for something similar to the moon landing footage. I was happy with it, but not really in happy with it, so I went back and reshot a couple vertical images in high contrast black & white and MAN am I much in happier with it.
Luna Pawn

It’s amazing how much you can get done when you decide you don’t want to live under the deadline crunch anymore. The Luna Pawn shoot was a lot of fun, I got a great image, and I’m not super stressed! I owe it all to my amazing willpower. And the brilliant Maschinen Krieger model kit, I suppose, but mostly my willpower.

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