Late Night Break

With all of the work that’s been going on here lately, sometimes you’ve just got to take a break. Put the brushes down, put the new set piece off to the side for now, and catch my breath. Fill up the kettle and switch it on. Don’t poke the silicon rubber, Dave. It hasn’t cured yet. Maybe turn the music down a bit though, it’s been too loud trying to keep me awake. Get up and stretch. Give my back and shoulders a break. Huh, I’m pretty happy with how the skeleton giant is turning out. That’s going to look good when it’s done. Go grab a cup (clean this time, not one I’ve used to clean brushes in) and pop in the tea bag. Speaking of, I should probably clean my brushes again. Pour the hot water in and sit back for just a second.

And that’s when Mr. No Help At All shows up. “Hey, can I get in on that tea?”
Late Night Break

Be good,

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