We Have a Hugg.

Kids party, outdoors, school starts soon, you know the drill. Gather the kids up and take them to the park or nature preserve for family portraits. Happens all the time, yeah? Sometimes it’s the kids who don’t cooperate, other times it’s the weather, but you just have to roll with it.

So there we were, my assistant and myself, doing our best to keep everyone motivated and smiling, despite the looming specter of the new school year. Because it’s so nice out, the park is fairly crowded. We’re nearly finished when from behind me I hear, “You there! I demand you take MY picture.”
Without turning, and as politely as possible, I explain that if he would like to hire me, we can talk shortly. I am in the middle of a session, after all, and don’t want to drop everything because someone who ISN’T paying me wants a headshot.


Oh dear, here we go. My first thought is, wow he’s short. My second thought is, your helmet is crooked.

“My helmet is of no concern to you!”

Well, technically, if you’re asking me to photograph you, I feel like I should point out things like that. I’d hate for you to be disappointed due to my negligence.

He leaned in close, “You don’t know who you are dealing with, fool… I have an army!”

Should I tell him?

Lego Minifigure Loki by LEGO.
Mighty Muggs Hulk (His friends call him Hugg) by Hasbro.

Be good,

Yes I feel emphatic about not being static

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