Close (Enough) Encounter

One thing I really enjoy doing is going on photowalks. You get to meet other photographers, trade tips and websites, and covet everyone else’s gear. Usually it’s a laid back time. You all agree on a place and just stroll around, camera in hand. When it’s all said and done, you go out for dinner and oooh and ahhh over each other’s shots, while silently cursing all the amazing shots you didn’t take.
Or is that just me? Moving on.

At any rate, I once again found myself separated from the rest of the group, checking out a little clearing. I was hoping to spot some wildlife; something to add a little contrast to the grass and trees. From the sound, there was definitely something in there moving around, so I tried to be as quiet as possible to move in for a better look. I’m not entirely sure what they were, if I’m honest. Sort of like an octopus in a space helmet or maybe a slime mold that thought it was… I don’t know. Now here is where it gets bizarre. Did you know they could talk?

The one to my right said, “Hello, I am Kang and this is my sister Kodos.” The other one, Kodos, in a distinctly masculine voice also said “Hello”.

Model: Kang and Kodos by Playmates Toys.

Be good,

I heard he ran away

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