Gears of War

Gears of War, like most shooter games, is something I am terrible at. I really enjoy the setting and the character designs, but put a controller in my sweaty hands and it all falls apart. So many tears…

With Gears 3 coming out soon, I wanted to try and recreate the cinematic feel the game has. Everything is overly dramatic, rubble everywhere, and, oh man, the light bloom. I’m not sure how close I actually came, but I am extremely proud of this one!

Model: NECA’s Marcus Fenix
Backdrop: Pegasus Hobby’s Gothic City Ruins

Due to the size difference between Marcus (7″) and the Ruins (28mm scale), I had to prop the ruins on a roll of masking tape so it didn’t look like Fenixilla running amuck over some poor gothic cathedral.

“Dave, you’re rambling. Get on with the picture.”

Sorry about that, Marcus.

Be good,

I persist – I persist – I think I’m hiding

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